Test your knowledge of Hepatitis B with our interactive quiz. Answer a few questions and discover how much you really know.

Domain A: Knowledge about cause of disease and its method of spread

Q 1. "Hepatitis B" disease is caused by? (Single response)

Q 2. What are the modes of spread of "Hepatitis B"? (Multiple response)

Q 3. Is "Hepatitis B" more infectious than HIV or AIDS? (Single response)

Q 4. If you have undergone surgery / dental treatment / blood transfusion / tattooing in past should you be tested for "Hepatitis B"? (Single response)

Q 5. If someone has "Hepatitis B" should all household members be tested for "Hepatitis B"? (Single response)

Q 6. Should pregnant woman be tested for "Hepatitis B"? (Single response)

Domain B: Knowledge about which organ gets affected by HBV and what HBV can cause

Q 1. "Hepatitis B" is known to damage which organ of the body the most? (Single response)

Q 2. Can "Hepatitis B" cause jaundice? (Single response) Max 1, min -1

Q 3. Can "Hepatitis B" cause cancer of liver? (Single response)

Q 4. If a patient of "Hepatitis B" also has obesity or diabetes, will he have more severe disease? (Single response)

Domain C: Knowledge about treatment

Q 1. Is "Hepatitis B" treatable by medicines? (Single response)

Q 2. Should a patient suffering from "Hepatitis B" need to be isolated? (Single response)

Q 3. Can alcohol cause more damage to the liver if the patient is infected by "Hepatitis B"? (Single response)

Domain D: Knowledge about vaccination

Q 1. Are safe vaccines available for prevention of "Hepatitis B"? (Single response)

Q 2. Who should receive "Hepatitis B" vaccine? (Single response)

Q 3. For how many years will the immunity against "Hepatitis B" last if "Hepatitis B" vaccine has been administered in proper dose and schedule? (Single response)